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Hi everyone. Walk Glasgow is a walking tour company dedicated to the enjoyment and thrill of foot-cruising (just invented that expression) round the wonderfully vibrant and living city that is Glasgow.

My name is Iain Kennedy and the business is mine, all mine and you can't have it unless your dad is bigger than my dad........ But the good news is that I love doing what I do – just love it!

So welcome to the City of Glasgow which, admittedly, I don't actually own, although I have taken full responsibility for showing it off to the world. If you like the idea of your walking tour being more like a relaxed walk around town with an old friend then you have come to the right place.

If you are up for a thoroughly good time taking in the sights, history and culture of this brilliant city with all its character and stunning Victorian architecture then please read on:

In recent years Glasgow has emerged from the shadows of Edinburgh to become increasingly popular as a tourist destination in its own right and it is our mission to ensure those visitors who want to explore the city and meet the people who make it tick are well provided for. Sightseeing buses do a good job in providing a general overview for visitors wanting to see some of the principal sights around a fairly wide area of the city. But there really is no substitute for getting out there on foot......and that is where Walk Glasgow comes in!

Whether you are a first-time visitor to Glasgow (maybe on business, tracing your Scottish roots, visiting friends or relatives) or perhaps even an ex-pat on a reminiscing trip, we invite you to join us on one of our Glasgow discovery foot cruises.

Your guide will not be a script-reciting robot so feel free to ask questions as they occur to you on your tour. This role is one of passion for our city and each guide is encouraged to put their own stamp on the tour and help to ensure your journey ends with you feeling at one with the city and its people.


IAIN KENNEDY, Creator and Owner of Walk Glasgow

Qualifications: All related to Commerce, Insurance and Financial Services (plus an equally-irrelevant Diploma in Surgical Chiropody).

Married, no kids, 1 cat.

Tour guiding since 2013.

Born in the city's south side, I always had an enquiring mind and everything about the city centre attracted me when I was a child. To this day I still spend most of my holidays and leisure time touring around Scotland or nosing around in the less well- known parts of Glasgow. I'm a compulsive gatherer of books, magazines, postcards and other ephemera which I invariably don't read but still feel I must own them!

I admit to having strong leanings towards nostalgia and daydreaming about “the old days” but still accept times past were different but not always better and relating the past to the present keeps life moving along nicely.

My passion for this business means I've no plans to ever retire so feel free to get in touch with news, views, suggestions, criticism etc anytime at all – if I'm not asleep or out on tour I'll get back to you as soon as possible....or better still, book a tour!

Hobbies and Interests: Football, Collectors' Cars, Victoriana, Social History, Antique Fairs, Museums, Books, Painting, Touring Scotland, Rock and Folk-Rock Music....and of course Meeting New Friends on our Walking Tours!


City Centre Historic Tour

On our City Centre Foot Cruise we will show you how Glasgow developed from a tiny village into the Second City of the British Empire; take you through medieval times to the days of the wealthy Tobacco Lords and creation of the Merchant City; show you the wonderful Victorian architecture of which Glasgow is justifiably so proud......and explain the consequences this had for so many pre-existing buildings in the city.
But understanding and appreciating the past is not to say that we dwell on it and while the foot cruises deal largely with the Glasgow of bygone days we will also be showcasing 21st century Glasgow - a city second only to London as a shopping experience – a bustling and modern European city that fascinates, excites and entertains from the first moment of your arrival.

Please note: This tour can be adapted to suit wheelchair users.

Days and Times: TUE: 10.30, 1.30, WED: 10.30, 1.30, THU: 10.30, 1.30, FRI: 10.30, 1.30, SAT: 10.30

Prices: ADULT: £20.00, CHILD: Under 16s FREE. There is a 5% Booking Fee.
This is also available as a Private Tour. Private tours are £30.00 Duration: 2h

Pickup: Beside the Fireman Statue at corner of Gordon St and Hope St (outside Central Station)

Private Tours: £30.00 per person (min 2 people). if you would like to book private tour, please follow the booking process and choose the time suitable for you.

The Dark Side

In addition to our City Centre Foot Cruise we also run tours a little further west of the city centre which are based on a darker side of Glasgow's past. On the Dark Side tour we take you round what has come to be known as “The Square Mile of Murder”. This highlights 4 murder trials which shocked Victorian and Edwardian Glasgow. See where the foul deeds were perpetrated; hear how the offences were handled by the authorities of the day and gain insight into how the treatment of the accused was often tainted by the prevailing attitudes towards class status.

Please note: This tour can be adapted to suit wheelchair users.

Days and Times: MON: 6.00, TUE: 6.00, WED: 6.00, THU: 6.00, FRI: 6.00

Prices: ADULT: £20.00, CHILD: Under 16s FREE. There is a 5% Booking Fee.

Duration: 2h

Pickup: Beside the Fireman Statue at corner of Gordon St and Hope St (outside Central Station)

Private Group Half-Day Walking Tours

There's so much to see in Glasgow that you can't get round all the attractions – even in 2 full days. But you can make the most of a short visit by seeing a good selection of highlights in and around the city centre on one of our half-day Private Group Tours. The tour will cover the City Centre and Merchant City areas plus a trip across to the West End on the Subway (underground) system to check out this fascinating corner of town.

See Glasgow's iconic historic buildings and world-famous Victorian architecture and learn how the city grew from a tiny village beside the River Clyde to become the Second City of the British Empire and the beating heart of the Industrial Revolution.

Whether your passion is for architecture and design, performing arts, museums, strolling in beautiful parks or soaking up the local culture you will find it all in this exciting and vibrant city......and, later, if you are not too tired from browsing in the Style Mile (shopping areas) there's a massive choice of fantastic bars, restaurants and cafes as well as a great live music scene at night with concerts and festivals for all tastes throughout the year.

Days and Times: DAILY: 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00

Prices: Group upto 6 people: £290.00. There is a 5% Booking Fee.

Duration: 4-5h

Private Group Tour is a package rate of £290 for parties of up to 6 persons and the tour lasts for 4-5 hours and includes Afternoon Tea or High Tea (depending on tour start time). Return travel on the Subway is also included.

This tour is available 7 days a week with flexible starting times and can commence from your city centre hotel or lodgings if preferred. All our guides are local to the area and love what they do If you wish to discuss itinerary or request further information before booking please email us on


07985 989404

21 Lawers Crescent, Polmont, Stirlingshire, FK2 0RQ

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