Walk Glasgow


IAIN KENNEDY, Creator and Owner of Walk Glasgow

Qualifications: All related to Commerce, Insurance and Financial Services (plus an equally-irrelevant Diploma in Surgical Chiropody).

Married, no kids, 1 cat. 

Tour guiding since 2013.

Born in the city’s south side, I always had an enquiring mind and everything about the city centre attracted me when I was a child. To this day I still spend most of my holidays and leisure time touring around Scotland or nosing around in the less well- known parts of Glasgow. I’m a compulsive gatherer of books, magazines, postcards and other ephemera which I invariably don’t read but still feel I must own them!

I admit to having strong leanings towards nostalgia and daydreaming about “the old days” but still accept times past were different but not always better and relating the past to the present keeps life moving along nicely.

My passion for this business means I’ve no plans to ever retire so feel free to get in touch with news, views, suggestions, criticism etc anytime at all – if I’m not asleep or out on tour I’ll get back to you as soon as possible….or better still, book a tour!

Hobbies and Interests: Football, Collectors’ Cars, Victoriana, Social History, Antique Fairs, Museums, Books, Painting, Touring Scotland, Rock and Folk-Rock Music….and of course Meeting New Friends on our Walking Tours!